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The Origin


  1. Return to Self: Immerse in the freedom of returning to your essence, releasing the ties to past experiences that have obscured your true self.

  2. Easing of Tension and Blockages: Lighten your being by releasing both physical tightness and mental barriers, cultivating a state of ease and well-being.

  3. Deepening of Self-Compassion: Cultivate a profound sense of self-love, forgiveness, and acceptance, transforming your relationship with yourself and enhancing connections with others.

  4. Strengthening of Inner Resilience: Build resilience and emotional steadiness, equipping you to face life's fluctuations with a grounded sense of calm.

  5. Harmony and Equilibrium: Rediscover inner peace and balance, harmonizing your internal landscape to reflect serenity and stability in your external world.

  6. Pathway to Transformation: Empower yourself to embrace change and personal evolution, unlocking new paths and enriching your life's journey with purpose and authenticity. Duration: 53:13

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