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Common Concerns Addressed
by Roanne

Let's Talk About It:
Am I Going to Be Brainwashed or Hypnotized?

We are going to relax our overprotective logical brains, so we can re-program our subconscious.  However, we are not going to be unconscious.  We will still be aware of what is going on.  If any, our intuition and sense of self will be heightened because our materialistic overthinking minds are not in the way. 


Our brain will be in suggestible state, meaning, we will be open to releasing years of fears and limiting beliefs.  But we will be able to decipher what we want to retain or not.  In my own personal 9D journeys, there were a few times when I didn’t completely agree with the subliminal messages.  However, I was quick to dismiss them because I felt re-connected to my authentic self. I resonated with most of the messages and they really inspired me. 


The subliminal messages are all positive reinforcement and inspirational words.  I can provide a copy the subliminal messages before the session, if requested.

Is it safe?

Somatic breathwork is considered one of the safest healing modalities.  11,000 psychiatric patients were studied over a 12 year period doing holotropic breathwork and showed ZERO adverse effects.  

Let's Talk About It:
Is It Intense?

That's totally up to you!  You will be in the driver’s seat!  You will learn how to control your breathwork so that you can go as light as you want, or as intense as you want.  The great thing about this modality is, you can always pause or go back if you are not comfortable proceeding.  In contrast, with ingestible substances, once you’ve taken them, there is no going back!


What Do Participants Mean When They Say "It Was an Intense Experience?"

Intense experience may include a wide array of emotions such as crying, sobbing, laughing, or feeling euphoric.  It is common for people wanting the intense healing experience to have emotional/physical releases of stuck energy, unprocessed emotions or traumas.  These are often characterized by tingling of the hands and legs, vibrations all over your body, or feeling very hot or cold.  These are all great signs!  This means traumas and toxicities are leaving the body.  Once these are released, most people report having profound and powerful journeys accompanied by:

  • Strong sense of love, happiness and inspiration

  • Feeling re-connected with authentic selves

  • Feeling more confident, inspired, relaxed and loving

  • Better outlook in life and mental clarity

  • Increased energy levels

  • Relief of some chronic pains and physical tensions

  • Forgiveness of self and others

Light experience is more like a deep meditation, but can still be powerful and healing.

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