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The world around us is in trouble…Stress, anxiety and depression are up by 70%Antidepressants up by 400%So many people suffering in silenceAnd you know some of those people…Perhaps you ARE or WERE one of those people…We live in massively uncertain timesWhich means ...We need to take a massively different course of action

Most people are looking for a different course of action, they're just not sure what to do...


What they’re doing IS CLEARLY NOT WORKING

  • Therapy

  • Medication

  • The next online workshop…


What if you had a way to...


  • Heal trauma swiftly (without needing to talk about it)

  • Help people to reconnect them to their joy, happiness and inspiration

  • Deliver the most life-changing experience

And all you need is a few weeks of learning...


Would you do it?

Become a 9D breathwork facilitator


  • Provide the world's most transformative experiences that will positively rewire your clients

  • Enjoy an “out of the box” setup that is almost effortless for you so you can focus on spreading this powerful modality around the world

  • Stand out from the crowd with a different offering and that means easier way to attract clients and change more lives

Breathwork is the #1 trending modality in a $4.5 trillion dollar wellness industry

Because it works.


But there’s more to what we do than just breathwork.


We've taken our expertise in breathwork, sound, trauma therapy, somatic therapy and coaching to deliver you the most accessible and powerful modality on the planet.

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