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"How a Single Breathwork Session Uncovered my Childhood Trauma:
I thought it would be relaxing. Instead, it set me free."

- Kaitlin Curtice, OprahDaily May 2023




This offering is specifically designed to support individuals who are  grappling with the challenge of letting go, whether it be difficult  events from the past, feelings of resentment, or judgments towards  themselves or others. It provides a nurturing space for those seeking to  activate deeper meaning and purpose in their lives, offering an  opportunity to rediscover and reconnect with their authentic selves.



Break free from intergenerational trauma, the root cause of human  suffering. This transformative journey is for those seeking to sever the  chains of these struggles and halt the cycle of trauma. Unresolved  intergenerational trauma manifests as chronic anxiety, depression,  relationship challenges, and disconnection. Experience profound healing  and resilience as you release these burdens. Rewrite your narrative,  restore harmony within, and create a legacy of empowerment. Liberate  yourself from the cycles of suffering and pave the way for a brighter  future. 



This is an immersive exploration dedicated to resolving the imprints of our  childhood experiences. Delve deep into the healing process as we address  the profound wounds of premature separation from love, rejection,  abandonment, shaming, and lack of presence. These imprints, carried from  our formative years, silently shape our adult lives, revealing  themselves through various challenges, including victim mentality, trust  and intimacy issues, co-dependency, relationship struggles, emotional dysregulation, anxiety, depression, and more. 


 This offering is meticulously crafted to assist individuals who are  confronting obstacles related to financial abundance, whether it be  long-held beliefs about scarcity, feelings of undeservingness, or  judgments about money and wealth. It provides a fertile ground for those  desiring to usher in greater prosperity and abundance in their lives,  offering a chance to unearth and engage with their inherent ability to  attract wealth. Through this breathwork experience, participants can  dissolve money blocks and form a more empowering, positive relationship  with their financial selves. 


  This experience is perfectly tailored for those struggling with stress and anxiety. It's an optimal first-time journey for individuals with contraindications or for those looking to integrate after a more intensive somatic journey. This offers a gentle escape from anxiety, introducing tranquility and balance. By partaking, participants can ease into the realm of breathwork, fostering a restful connection with their inner calm. 


Experience the transformative power of the 9D Breathwork Journey for  Integration & Regeneration—a truly unparalleled breathwork  experience. This session offers returning students an opportunity to  reconnect with a deep sense of relaxation, grounding, and wholeness. It  goes beyond traditional somatic practices, engaging the vagus nerve and  activating the parasympathetic "rest and digest" side of the nervous  system. Through a blend of hypnotherapy, subliminal messages,  visualization, and deliberate breathing techniques, this down-regulation  journey guides students to a state of profound calm and tranquility.  Each breath becomes a massage for the soul, fostering integration and  rejuvenation. Prepare to embark on a remarkable voyage of self-discovery  and healing, as you rediscover harmony within your mind and body. 


 This experience is ideally suited for those who feel worn out and  fatigued by life's pressures, ready to commit to the process of  revitalizing their existence for a new beginning. It serves as a refuge  for those grappling with the burdens of past events, negative feelings,  self-criticism, or judgment toward others. Offering a pathway to unearth  deeper significance and direction in life, it extends a chance to  rediscover and rekindle connection with their true self. 


This offering is designed to support breathers who have CONTRAINDICATIONS that prevent them from doing a Sympathetic Breathwork Journey or those who recently  completed a full-length 9D somatic journey and need assistance in  processing and integrating any challenging after-effects. Our program  provides guidance and resources to navigate the post-journey terrain,  helping you make sense of your experiences and facilitating a smooth  integration process.


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The Awakening is for anyone ready to break free from societal conditioning and the narratives imposed by media, governments, and outside influences. If you feel confined, small, or limited by these fictions, this journey is your pathway to awakening. Rediscover your empowered, sovereign, and free self beyond the dream spell.
Fasten your seatbelt as you transcend the dream spell, revealing the unfiltered truth of your existence—empowered, sovereign, and free. Peel back layers, shedding fictions that kept you feeling small. This breathwork haven releases burdens of the past, bidding farewell to negativity, self-criticism, and judgments, allowing reconnection with your authentic self. Inspired by themes of acceptance, gratitude, self-belief, and courage, The Awakening sparks a potent personal rebirth, creating space for emotional resilience, inner peace, and restored balance. This revitalizing expedition fortifies sustained growth, guiding you toward a life illuminated by authenticity, self-discovery, and the empowering truth of your sovereignty.


The Transcending Fear breathwork journey is tailor-made for individuals who are prepared to confront and overcome their profound anxieties and fears. Perfect for those seeking a deeper exploration of resilience, this advanced experience offers insights that transform one's perspective on fear. If you're looking to face life's challenges with newfound courage, this is for you.

Step into the realm of the Transcending Fear Breathwork Experience, meticulously crafted to redefine your relationship with the shadows of uncertainty. This journey operates as a masterclass in re-education, utilizing the potent synergy of hypnotherapy's trance-inducing language and advanced NLP techniques. By journeying through this experience, you confront fear, allowing it to serve as the gateway to the life you've always envisioned. Central themes of reprogramming, reframing, and empowerment interlace, facilitating a seismic shift in deep-seated beliefs surrounding fear. As you traverse, you'll rewire neural pathways, granting a renewed perspective on harnessing fear as a tool for unparalleled growth. This transformative expedition stands not just as an experience but as a beacon for continued evolution, championing the metamorphosis o
f your most empowered self. Engage with fear, unlocking a life brimming with potential and uncharted horizons.


“The Origin" is designed for anyone feeling disconnected from their true essence, eager to let go of bodily tension and blockages. It offers a path to rediscover and return to one's center, to the authentic self, back to the very beginning of one's personal journey. This session is a sanctuary for those seeking to reestablish harmony and reconnect with their innermost being, inviting a profound reawakening to the core of who they are.
Embark on "The Origin," a breathwork journey underscored by a powerful musical tapestry of melodic vocals, chants, and tones, each meticulously designed to delve into your soul's depths. This symphony of sound and breath creates a sanctuary for introspection and connection to your essence, facilitating a profound release of tension and blockages. Throughout the session, you're guided towards elevated levels of self-compassion, acceptance, and renewal, revealing the authentic self within. It's a transformative experience, where the potency of music and breath intertwines to foster emotional clarity, tranquility, and a rebirth into your truest potential.


This offering is specifically designed to support individuals who are grappling with the challenge of letting go, whether it be difficult events from the past, feelings of resentment, or judgments towards themselves or others. It provides a nurturing space for those seeking to activate deeper meaning and purpose in their lives, offering an opportunity to rediscover and reconnect with their authentic selves.

Embark on a transformative 9D Breathwork journey, designed to support you in the art of letting go. This immersive experience liberates you from the grip of the past, shedding physical and psychological burdens that cause discomfort. Through forgiveness, self-love, acceptance, and resilience, key themes intertwine, propelling personal transformation. You release the weight of past traumas, experiencing emotional stability, tranquility, and restoring balance. This transformative journey is a stepping stone to ongoing growth and healing, empowering the evolution of your true self. Embrace profound liberation, enriching your life with purpose and possibility.

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Boss Level Anger

"Boss Level Anger Control" is a 20-minute guide to mastering calm and taking charge of your emotions.

When to Use:

- Feeling overwhelmed by frustration or irritability.

- Before a situation you know can be stress-inducing.

- After a heated argument to regain your composure.

- When needing to cool down and think more clearly.

- To practice managing strong emotions in a healthy way.

- Anytime you feel the need to reset your emotional state.

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Increase Alertness

"Increase Alertness" sharpens your mind, enhances concentration, and revitalizes your senses in just a few minutes.

When to Use:

- When your focus is waning and you need to sharpen your concentration.

- During low-energy moments to quickly uplift and energize.

- To enhance mood and mental clarity before important tasks.

- Before meetings or brainstorming sessions for heightened creativity and alertness.

- When transitioning between different activities that require active engagement.

- Anytime you seek a mental boost to tackle challenges with renewed vigor.

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Fresh Morning Kick Start

"Fresh Morning Kickstart" energizes your day, sparking motivation and positivity for a productive start.

When to Use:

- When waking up feeling sluggish or unmotivated.

- To set a positive tone for the day ahead.

- Before tackling a busy or demanding schedule.

- If you need inspiration for creative tasks or problem-solving.

- To boost your mood and energy on a slow-starting morning.

- Anytime you want to embrace the day with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

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Breathe and Create

"Breathe & Create Space" is a 5-minute guided breathwork session to soothe your mind and bring a sense of calm and tranquillity.


When to Use:

- When feeling anxious or stressed about upcoming tasks.

- Before sleep to ease into a restful state, free from the day's stress.

- When feeling tension build up in your body or mind.

- After a day filled with overwhelm, for a soothing reset.

- During a short break for a mental reset.

- To interrupt and calm anxious thoughts before they escalate.

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