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5 Primary Trauma Imprints

Who is it for?

This journey is for anyone seeking to break free from intergenerational trauma, the root cause of all human suffering. Cut the cords of these struggles and cease the cycle of passing down traumas to future generations.

Welcome to the transformative realm of the 9D Breathwork Journey for Releasing & Healing the 5 Primary Trauma Imprints—an immersive exploration dedicated to resolving the imprints of our childhood experiences. Delve deep into the healing process as we address the profound wounds of premature separation from love, rejection, abandonment, shaming, and lack of presence. These imprints, carried from our formative years, silently shape our adult lives, revealing themselves through various challenges, including victim mentality, trust and intimacy issues, co-dependency, relationship struggles, emotional dysregulation, anxiety, depression, and more.

By releasing these deeply rooted imprints, you liberate yourself from the burdens of past hurt and suffering. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey that untethers you from energetic bondage, paving the way for a mental health reboot of both body and mind. Expect to emerge from this experience with a profound sense of liberation, newfound clarity, and an empowered state of being. As the imprints dissolve, you embark on a transformative path toward healing, allowing you to embrace life with renewed vitality and inner strength.

Common Outcomes:

  1. Liberation from past hurt and suffering: Experience a profound sense of liberation as you release the burdens of childhood imprints, freeing yourself from the shackles of past trauma.

  2. Newfound clarity and understanding: Gain a deep sense of clarity and understanding as you navigate the healing process, allowing you to make sense of your experiences and find meaning in your journey.

  3. Empowered state of being: Rediscover your inner strength and empowerment as you dissolve the imprints that have held you back, fostering a renewed sense of confidence and self-belief.

  4. Enhanced emotional well-being: Experience an improvement in emotional regulation and a greater sense of emotional balance, allowing you to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace.

  5. Transformation and healing: Embark on a transformative path of healing as you address the wounds of childhood, paving the way for profound personal growth, self-discovery, and self-acceptance.

  6. Embracing vitality and inner harmony: Embrace life with renewed vitality and a deeper sense of inner harmony, reconnecting with your authentic self and aligning with a state of wholeness and integration.

Duration: 1:06:21

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