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A Journey That's Been Changing Lives
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9 Breakthroughs in Mindset Shift
1 Hour Journey | 13 Themes Available
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Breathwork helps you access and re-program the part of the brain that is actually responsible for almost all the things you do - the subconscious. 

The subconscious is responsible for 95% of human behavior and is where all emotional blockages (anxiety, fears, depression, shame, guilt, grieving, etc) are housed.

This translates to your subconscious mind being a million times more powerful than your conscious mind.

Somatic breathwork helps the subconscious to naturally heal and release suppressed emotions.


9D's Multi-Dimensional Soundscape


A 9D journey is a unique, immersive experience that transcends conventional practices. Within our expansive library, each theme serves as a distinct pathway to profound outcomes. The journeys foster personal transformations through the powerful synergy of breath and 9D’s multi-dimensional soundscape:


Transporting you to a larger inner world, facilitating heightened awareness and making you forget your physical surrounding.


Recorded, synchronized and timed to perfection so that we can give you some of the most immersive and profound healing experiences in just a 1 hour session.


*You will need a 9D headset provided by your practitioner to fully experience the 9D soundscape

9D Cinematic Trailer
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We've taken our expertise in breathwork, sound, trauma therapy, somatic therapy and coaching to deliver you the most immersive sound and healing experiences to date, 9D multi-sensory journeys. 


9D Breathwork opens a pathway directly into the subconscious mind, responsible for 95% of all human behavior and  skillfully transmuting internal blocks into sources of immense personal power, all the while working with the body's innate intelligence to release trapped energy from the nervous system, creating a clean slate. 


The powerful combination of breath, frequencies, sounds, visualization and guided coaching re-program the brain for transformation.

Brian Kelly 9D Breathwork

Somatic Breathing is a mind-body therapy, and is quite the opposite of talk therapy.


Talk therapy uses the prefrontal cortex, the “thinking and figuring out” part of the brain.  It is responsible for judgment, inhibition, and decision-making.

In contrast, Somatic Breathwork gains access to a much deeper part of your brain, the amygdala.

  • This is the part responsible for safety, fear, anger, sadness, and nervous system.

  • It’s also where we store trauma and unresolved issues. The amygdala remembers even when you don’t.  

  • Much of the reasons why people seek mental health therapy originate in this deeper part of the brain. 


Once this deeper part of the brain has been accessed and the "overprotective thinking brain" has taken the back seat, the body's innate intelligence goes into action.  Since the nervous system is in the amygdala, emotional blocks may re-surface, while the body's natural healing ability releases emotional and energetic blocks. 

Somatic Breathing requires work and effort, like an active exercise.  This is not a meditation where you get to relax.  


It consists of taking rhythmic active breathing through the mouth for an extended period of time (35 min or longer), however, participants may choose to modify the intensity as needed.

Somatic Breathing is one of the safest healing modalities.

11,000 Psychiatric patients were studied over a 12 year period doing Holotropic Breathwork. Study shows how safe the practice is with ZERO adverse events and only 2% reported having no therapeutic effects.

We would like to extend a hand
to those who are:

Feeling isolated

Struggling with the pressure to produce

Living with and distractions

Find it difficult to open up

In situations that hinder healing

Feeling fearful and anxious

Thinking that they are not good enough



  • Heightened sense of authenticity and well-being

  • Inspired by a deeper sense of purpose

  • A deep sense of bliss

  • More calm and centered

  • Less stress and overwhelm

  • More energy throughout the day

  • More self-acceptance and self-love

  • Easier to get to sleep and stay asleep

  • A greater sense of clarity and presence

  • Less emotional and psychological triggers

  • An increase in acceptance of reality as it is

  • Letting go of traumas and complexes trapped in the body

  • Tapping into psychedelic states and non-ordinary states of consciousness

  • Letting go of anger, resentment, negativity and unconscious negative thought loops


How Do I Know If Breathwork Is For Me
Roanne Calizo

Roanne Calizo is recognized as a Top Integrative Breathwork, Healing & Wellness Expert for the entire Northern Virginia region and featured on the TOP Doctors Interviews which are seen on CNN Headline News, BRAVO, Oprah Winfrey Network, MSNBC and other networks

Somatic Breathwork
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